Violet’s time a la Scuola!

HI everyone,
today I had the best day ever! It was fabulous! I am in year two at Sacre Cuore in Florence.
My teacher’s name is Stefania. She wears glasses, has brown hair and a pointy nose.
She is very nice to me and really funny, even if I don’t really understand what she is saying!
I sit next to Joshua, he’s from England, and Keen, she is from the U.S.A, they are so nice and they speak English!
My best friend is Holland, he is from Texas and we have very good times together! Also, Holland is allergic to pollen, that rhymes!
Today was my first day in the cafeteria. I had Pasta Pomodoro for entree, then nuggets and chips. For dessert i had two small tubs of ice cream, one extra from Keen!
Two days a week I go from 8am to 4pm and then I can go home at 1pm three other days. But, i love school so I asked mum if i can stay longer.
Today, my teacher left the class room and then MR.MUSIC MAN came in! We sang songs with him in Italian and English, it was so fun.
Then I had sport. We played a game called statues and it was sooooo fun!
My school also has horses, dogs (cute little puppies), sheep, cows, chickens, geese and goats! So different to Avalon!

Violet at School

Violet at School

Vi's first day

Vi’s first day

One thought on “Violet’s time a la Scuola!

  1. Wow Vi, so happy to hear you love your Italiano school and your friends. I would be in heaven at that school with all the animals!! Xx

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