Tree Tops

Just outside the beautiful town of Fiesole we took the kids to a place appropriately called Tree Experience. What an experience up in the trees!! Kids had their brief lesson in Italian (so basically didn’t understand anything) on what to do and how to stay safe and were sent off high in the trees strapped into professional harnesses to climb ropes and swing between the trees. All a bit nerve racking to start off with. Pretty incredible set up and amazing experience for the kids. Naturally Violet had to push the boundries by asking Hugo to dare her to fall between the obstacles, a dare she happily accepted which resulted in two guys having to climb up and rescue her. Mild panic amongst all of us below watching unlike Vi who had the biggest smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying the attention. Great place, now on list of places to return to often, sort of like visiting your favorite park on a Sunday afternoon in Sydney – nice!

Ringo's for afternoon tea - always

Ringo’s for afternoon tea – always

Vi before she "accidentally" fell between the barrels

Vi before she “accidentally” fell between the barrels

Vi on the move

Vi on the move

...and she's off

…and she’s off


Vi starts out....cautiously

Vi starts out….cautiously

Mima starts climbing up..

Mima starts climbing up…being very sensible

Strapped in and ready to go!

Strapped in and ready to go!


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