The Kingo’s have seconds of Cinque Terre!

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So, you have all read the brilliant written article of the first time we went to Cinque Terre. But now I am going to tell you about the second time just the Kingston’s went to Cinque Terre. Also I will tell you about the disaster that happened to me on the last day in Manarola.

So we had a great time the first day just swimming in Manarola! It ended up raining but that didn’t’ t stop us from having a delicious dinner by the ocean! My dad is now worried because  I love having lobster and it isn’t the cheapest  thing back in Sydney. So, the next morning  in Cinque Terre we found ourselves at the Manarola Train Station. We were waiting for a train to come pick us up. We were heading for one of the other 5 towns called Monterosso. This town we had never been to before. But we did know one thing that I chose to go there… And as soon as we got there we knew it was the right choice.

As soon as we walked out of the train the first thing we saw were loads of people, but the second thing we saw was a beautiful beach! There was no sand that you find in Australia but it was good enough. Along the beach there were two sections. One where you just lie on towels and the other where you buy daybeds  and umbrellas which is the section we chose. We got two day beds and one umbrella but that pretty much covered both of the day beds. We had a great day swimming in the water and Violet and I were having comps where whoever gets pushed and pulled down by the waves were the losers but we didn’t really have a proper comp we just had fun falling down.We had some nice panini’s for lunch and afterwards got some delicious ice cream! Half way through the day Violet and I got a lilo each and I was giving mum a tour but she didn’t give me a tip?!? Ha, parents these days. After an exhausting day at the beach mum and dad took us to their fave restaurant. It had amazing views and delicious food.

The next day we just hung around Manarola, played on our lilo’s, did alot of swimming, had some lunch, ice cream, climbed rocks and had a great time. We had some amazing dinner in the middle of Manarola. It was YUM! My lasagne was to die for, It was just the way I Iiked it. On the last day we had a yum breakfast of patisseries down by the water. Then we were just swimmming around. Until the disaster happened!



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