Ospedale…Mima’s trip to the hospital

This place still makes me laugh, every day.Jemima took a nasty tumble at her dance class last night, resulting in a very large and painful lump on her foot. With our first ski trip only three weeks away and her ice-skating birthday party only two weeks away, we took her to the local hospital as a precaution.
The waiting part was no different to home, except she was the youngest by 80 years!

After an x-ray, consult with the doctor I nervously waited for the bill. I shouldnt have been nervous, it was 10 Euros. I looked at the bill with relief and curiosity as I found i can pay it at the Post Office (OK), the local bank (OK), and ATM (really??) or, the best of all, at any tobacconist!!!
Yes, pay your hospital bill while picking up a carton of durries!! LOVE ITALY!

Mima on crutches

Mima on crutches

One thought on “Ospedale…Mima’s trip to the hospital

  1. Hi Mima! Please check your emails, and send me one back! How is your foot??? Ankle??? Leg??? Merry Christmas, by the way. Hope you are having fun.
    I am moving schools next year to Abbotsleigh.
    Best Christmas wishes,
    Sofia P

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