Napoli e Pompeii

Before the imminent and very sad departure of our dear, dear friends, the Elders, Nicola insisted that we spent the weekend in Napoli and Pompeii. Sim and I were adamant that we wanted to see Venezia.
Nic was stronger than us, very persuasive and so passionate, so we caved and all jumped on the train for Italy’s South.Mama Mia!!! Are we happy we did!! Nic was spot on, what a town!!! A completely different world and experience to the wealthy, organised (for Italy anyway) and clean North. The south has almost a North African feel to it. It’s cheaper, busier, bustling, very dodgy and bloody good fun.
After arriving, Nic, our local guide, took us on an hilarious walk, meander through the Neapolitan backstreets searching for L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele,
This, of course, is the pizza joint made even more famous by that toothy Hollywood starlet in Eat, Pray Love.
The place is worth seeing just for what goes on in there. There are two types of  pizza only, Margarita and Marinrara. So, why there is  a waiter just for the pizza and one just for the drinks is beyond even Italian logic, especially as the only drinks are beer, water and sprite…get ‘em in, get ‘em out. By the way, the pizza?? Maybe a 6 out of ten? Overly cheesy, sloppy and quite oily, still soooo much laughter!

Pompeii was…amazing!!! we all loved our day there, and spent hours wandering, looking and taking photos, an incredible experience for the Kingos and the Elders!

By the way, check out the dodgy local hood who followed us around, seedy looking bloke, very Napoli. Actually, he even scared the locals. How he pulled the hot chick in the red leather dress is anyone’s guess? Money, power, mafioso…
They do remind us of Jay and Gloria!

The Elders of Pompeii

The Elders of Pompeii

Beautiful boys at Mt.VesuviusBeautiful girls at Mt.VesuviusStunning PompeiiKingo PompeiiJay and Gloria before dinnerNeapolitan tough guy, who forgot to pack clothesDodgy local on train




Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love


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