Jemima’s Festival of Farewells

mali thaiSo, my first farewell was the soccer farewell… Well I guess it was mine and dad’s seeing as he is the coach, but I like to call it mine!!! We all went to Lucky’s in Avalon for pizza! It was really fun playing around on the street and especially when Pia went up to random people telling them that she was a UNICORN! She even turned her hand into a horn with her magical powers because after all she is a UNICORN! We played tip for quite a while until people started giving Reecy (the shortest person in the team) piggy backs?!? ¬†Overall it was a great way to start my Festival of Farewells!

The second one was the one with my friends at Mali Thai, everybody enjoyed it, it was really fun and everybody was laughing non-stop. Everyone made me a really cool poster which had 8 envelopes stuck on it with everybody’s name on one of the envelopes. Then when I arrived I wasn’t allowed inside because everyone was still writing letters to put in their envelopes and it was freezing! We took loads of cool photos and everybody enjoyed mixing their ice-cream together at the end! It was really AWESOME! But it was sad to say goodbye to each other, especially when they are such a great bunch of friends, the people that were invited were Claudia, Connor, Sophie, Sofia, Layne, Tash, Lilli and Sasha!

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