One daughter studying, one at the mall, four very happy feet  No turning back now! We love you Avalon, you’ve been so good to us, now just a little too far.  Where’s Johnny? Clearly still mates @jemimaksn @boldfood @katehenrytibbetts  Pittwater arvos  Mima SUP  Fractured foot, still smiling #flipout
 Loving the view in The Roy!  Pantene anyone?  The obligatory scooter accident in Bali. The tiny rock needed three medical staff, very efficient. Thanks for the memories @boldfood !  Made it! Bring it on!!#ausvssyria #socceroos  Kingos happy place
 New fave spot  Island life  Sunset, lovely  Second best use for a keg @paulbaconsculptor  Ahhhh, Lawson farm.