Il Calcio…the Football

Football here is as large a part of life as the food and wine…maybe even more! So, ever since we booked and organised our trip here, I have been waiting, no, hanging out to get to a football game.
Luckily, the Florence team, known as Fiorentina, are actually a very good team. They came fourth last year and will be playing some European football this year.
Their outfit is all purple, and they are affectionately known as “La Viola”.  This is just perfect for Violet’s ego!!
So, on Monday night I ventured out to Stadio Artemio Franchi with James and Ricardo. After a very serious “warm up” at an Irish pub in Centro, followed by a kebab, yes a kebab!
we settled in to watch a cracking first half amidst a sea of purple, very cool, very fun.
Even better that La Viola scored two great goals at our end.
Half time was spent continuing our warm up! The funniest sight of the night was seeing the kind of litter you would only see at an Italian football game. Rather than piles of empty plastic beer cups everywhere, there were espresso cups in their hundreds!! Hilarious!
Just as good were the bar staff. No, not some daggy uni student hating life in an awful corporate uniform, but a beautifully

groomed 40-something lady in high heels!! Classic.
After the game ended, 2-1 to La Viola, rather than the dodgy hot dog on the street, it was Wild Boar Paninis and wine…La Dolce Vita

What a goal!!! Forze Viola!!!

What a goal!!! Forze Viola!!!

La Viola!! On our way in.

La Viola!! On our way in.

Yes!!! La Viola are up, and looking good...almost as good as Jim?

Yes!!! La Viola are up, and looking good…almost as good as Jim?


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