Cinque Terre takes a bite out of Jemima!


So, it was the last day I was walking out of the water after a quick swim. To come out of the water, I had to choose between the ladder, which had a long waiting line. So I took the slope which was not the best choice at all. I was walking out of the water no problem, until I stepped on a very very VERY slippery rock, which had tones of moss on it. I stepped on the rock, looked at mum and dad and all of a sudden, fell on my two front teeth and both of them cracked, just like that CRACK! I would of put my arms in front of me, but I couldn’t because I was carrying a lilo. To be honest mum was about to say watch where you step. But I guess she didn’t have the chance! I was crying and crying and at first didn’t know what happened. Then I felt with tongue that I had lost part of my two front teeth. I screamed “OH MY GOD, MY TEETH, MT TEETH!” I showed mum and dad my teeth and we walked as fast as we could to a cafe to ask what to do. There was actually no blood at all, dad said it could of been way worse and I’m lucky that was all that happened.

My dad was calling Jim and our friend Jane while I was sitting with mum putting ice on my teeth. Finally we found a dentist that wasn’t working but was happy to do something about my teeth. I stopped crying and calmed down. I had relised that my teeth could be fixed and look like it had never happened. Well, the dentist fixed my teeth. I am 100% fine now and the funny thing is that when we walked in the dentists office, the music he was playing was Gangnam Style! LOL!  After snap
So that is the disaster that happened to me!


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