Kingos arrive in London


The girls chlling in the flat

The girls chlling in the flat

So, after 28, not so fun, hours on Qantas and BA, we arrive in good old London! We arrive at Heathrow beyond knackered, we all look strung out as if we had just walked out of a club at 7am…not pretty!!

We arrive at the immigration queue. There were two sections, one for the sad losers from outside the EU, very, very, very long, and one for us EU Passport carrying legends, very, very short. Sim admitted, finally, it’s great being married to an Italian!!
Thanks to the advice from our host at our London apartment,, rather than the Heathrow express at 19 quid each and then a bus to the flat, we hired a private car from, 40 quid for all of us…bargain!!!!!! So, no lugging luggage through the tube, just air conditioned comfort all the way, just the way the Kingos love it.

So. after an hour’s drive through lovely London traffic, we pull up outside our flat in Bermondsey. Sim looked at me, not impressed at all, as, across the road was a bunch of police cars, fire engines and many, many dodgy looking ferals, all watching on as their squat had just been burnt down by fire!!!

We were greeted by our very lovely host, Sarah and shown to our beautiful, spacious and very comfy two bedroom flat, a smile began to appear on all our faces, finally. The last time a smile had been seen on any of our faces was taking off from Sydney many, many hours before.
We showered, headed down the very cool, very groovy, very London Bermondsey Street for a walk, a pint and some dinner. We found ourselves at the Garrison, a self described “gastro pub”…bloody delicious, all Kingos ate and drank merrily, some more than others!

Our first evening was a joy, London was very welcoming, warm, light and full of joy. Sleep took over very quickly.