Buon Compleanno Papa!


So today was dad’s 44th birthday! Grandpa Tony! We had a great day and I am not sure if dad is expecting stuff for this evening? This morning I woke up and went downstairs with mum. It was CRAZY… Everybody was wrapping like mad and everyone was sharing one little roll of sticky tape and a pair of scissors. (awkward)  Finally we finished wrapping all of these presents, mainly all for the one big present. PRESENT TIME! The first present dad opened was the present I got him, I got him a Juventus soccer ball that I signed. On the ball I wrote Caro Babbo, Buon Compleanno, Jemima. Violet didn’t really get dad a present So she just wrapped up an apple and 2 oranges?!? WEIRD! She could of just given him a nice card! Mum got her OLD husband a coffee machine and the 4 best coffee capsules. The Elders gave him coffee supplies and ugo got him a Florentina soccer ball.

Later on we to this amazing restaurant outside with this beautiful garden. We had this amazing food and I said that I am defeniteley  going to go there for my  birthday dinner!(DECISION MAKER?)

It was agreat birthday for Grandpa Tony!

3 thoughts on “Buon Compleanno Papa!

  1. Maybe you should have bought Grandpa Tony a walking stick for his birthday Mime’s seeing as he’s so old now :)

  2. Hi Kingos! I was just seeing what u were up to. I sent an email but I don’t know if u got it? Anyway, hope you are having a great time,
    Lots of hugs,

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