Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Big day for mumma

Big day for mumma

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photoSo, Italian school’s choose one week in Winter known as “white week” meaning “go and ski week”. This is not a holiday officially but a necessity for those of us Europeans who have to put up with snow capped mountains every year. So as a family of “two shoes”, myself excluded, we thought we should obey the rules imposed by the nuns, pack our ski gear and head north. Naturally we had to head to Austria at some point as this little country will always hold a piece of my heart.  Here was the perfect opportunity to show it off to my family and to show off my German linguistic skills. I was recommended Bad Kleinkirchheim by a Austrian friend who said it was great for many reasons, these included not far from the boarder of Italy, excellent skiing and thermal pools, based at bottom of the slopes -schon!.  Well apart from never being able to pronounce the actual name of the willage, it did not disappoint.  Stunning place, family friendly – wunderbar!! Day 1 we woke up to snow, dumping snow.  I have actually never experienced snow like it before, it was so heavy and thick and it didn’t ease for 2 days, just amazing!  Being a fair weather skier I decided that the perfect place to go in such extreme conditions was the thermal springs and spa baths. Tony and the girls being “braver” than I decided to tackle the slopes and go skiing instead.  So off I went for a day of pampering and relaxation. As I checked in with reception and was heading through the doors she announced “you realise it is nude”. ” Oh yes, of course” I said, feeling sick in the stomach and proceeded to put my belongings included my cossie into the assigned locker.  What she didn’t announce was the next surprise of the day, that it was unisex.  Well I was the “brave” one that day…let’s just say it was a day I will never forget.  I saw many sights to entertain me for years, even though I kept my gaze down and never looked anyone in the eye. I spent 4 long hours there and although there were many times I feel very uncomfortable and scared, having the outdoor pool to myself for 20 minutes with snow falling on my head in a winter wonderland was an experience I will always treasure. The rest of the week was spent skiing together and it was just great.  The girls had lessons in the morning and we all hooked up for lunch and afternoon skiing.  They were skiing like pro’s by the end of the week and I was finding it hard to keep up with both of them. We were lucky to have our new Irish friends “the Brady’s” join us for the week, so most nights were spent with them trying to source those Austrian delicacies I remembered so fondly.  Sadly they were not often found, not sure if it was just a lack of good restaurants  in this particular ski town or if my taste buds when I was 22 were overcome by a love of Jagermeister.  Who would know….but I am determined to return to Austria again soon and give eating another go. All in all fantastic week, sehr gut!!!

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