An outing in Florence with my BFF!

You all have heard of my best friend here Jazzy Elder, well I stayed with her for one night while my parents were in Roma! We decided to go on a little walk after school on Wednesday. Jazzy walked to my school after we had both had half days and picked me up. Then, we walked all the way to her school to meet Uncle Jimmy. On the way we put music on from Jazzy’s phone and had to turn it down every time we went past somebody. They still heard it though, and looked at us like we were some hippies who happen to be wearing uniforms.

Once we arrived at Jazzy’s school Uncle Jim gave us both 20 euro each and some extra money for Jazzy’s credit for her phone, but we didn’t really use it for that! So we walked a long way to a place called Piazale Michelangelo where we got a delicious gelato. Piazale Michelangelo is the wonderful place where you can see the entire Florence. We sat on some steps and just enjoyed our gelato. After, that we spent the rest of the afternoon just went to shops and bought some cool stuff. We even went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had a milkshake, we even got showed to the bar to sit! How funny! We had a great time shopping in Florence all alone to the time where we got picked up by Nicola, Jazzy’s mum.




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