3 wogs and a skip!


When dad asked which category to choose to write something on the blog for the first time I wasn’t quite sure I knew what 3 wogs and a skip was. I asked dad and he said that a skip was like another word for an Australian person. So then I thought that dad, Violet and I were the wogs and mum was the skip!!!!! Dad laughed at me when I said that out loud!?!

Anyway I thought that I would write on this category and I am doing it at this very moment…. The day dad had got home from his first day at the Italian consulate he said that the day we get our Italiano Passaporto we would be known a a wog…. an Italian citizen!! The very first sentence that I said was ” I don’t want to be a wog” and from that afternoon that was dad’s favorite Italian passport reply. Now that I have my passport I am known as Italian and according to dad a WOG!!! I don’t feel very different yet but I know I will when I have lived in ITALY for at least 3 months.  Violet doesn’t really mind it but she hates her passport photo though, I don’t blame her, I mean I hate mine and who does like their passport photo.?. You are not even allowed to SMILE!?!




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